Infographic details 21 mobile revenue streams for Google

Infographic details 21 mobile revenue streams for Google
Google makes about 94% of its revenue from ads. That's not really much of a secret anymore. Most Google services are free, and serve ads while collecting data about you so as to serve better ads. Luckily, we get better services out of the deal as well, especially on mobile. Mobile is quickly becoming bigger and bigger for Google, and a very detailed new infographic is showing the 21 revenue streams Google has on mobile.

Not surprisingly, most of Google's mobile revenue comes from ads, but the infographic does a good job of showing the interconnectedness of the Google ecosystem, including ads that link to Maps or calling. The really interesting stuff in the graphic comes from Google's other products like Google Now which don't necessarily have a monetization strategy yet, but the graphic explains how it could be part of the revenue stream in the future. Most paths do lead back to ads of course. 

It's an impressive infographic, but it may be a bit too detailed and points to the general waste that infographics can be. The file is 1056x11982 and 1.8Mb in order to cram all of that data in, which is a bit absurd. At that size, few people are going to read it all anyway, so you might as well just write the text, which would at least be searchable. Still, there's some cool info if you want to poke through. 

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