In the heat of patent battle, Apple stops selling Nokia-owned Withings' smart products

In the heat of patent battle, Apple stops selling Nokia-owned Withings' smart products
As part of its ongoing legal dispute with Nokia, Apple has stopped selling Nokia-owned Withings' products from its online, and (presumably) retail stores. Withings makes stuff like the Body Cardio Scale, Smart Body Analyzer, and Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. Now, you can no longer buy any of these through Apple.

Nokia acquired Withings in Spring 2016 for an estimated $192 million. The brand has been integrated into the Finnish company's Digital Health Unit.

Apple and Nokia are duking it out in court over patent and antitrust lawsuits. It was Apple who made the first move, filling an antitrust lawsuit against Nokia and partnering patent assertion agencies over alleged extortion attempts at acquiring excessive royalty fees. Nokia responded by filing 40 patent infringement lawsuits across 11 countries and accusing Nokia of failing to establish licensing deals for patents that cover displays, user interface, software, antenna, chipsets, and video coding.

While Apple is accusing Nokia over conspiring to extort money through an illegal patent transfer scheme, Nokia explains a failure to reach a licensing agreement with Apple has forced the company to defend its rights. As always, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.



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