In China, Apple beats Samsung in handset popularity

In China, Apple beats Samsung in handset popularity
Over in China, Samsung is losing this year's popularity contest to Apple. This information comes from the China Brand Research Center (CBRC), which published its annual China Brand Power Index (C-BPI). While, in the past two years, Sammy was the first name on this list, when it comes to mobile, this year, the number 1 spot was overtaken by Apple.

The center measured the brands' "power" by polling 13,500 people, across 30 cities, aged 15 to 60, from August 2013 to January 2014, and rated them by “brand recognition” and “brand loyalty” (note that the poll took place long before the larger-screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were even rumored). The results get calculated into a score, which is used to rank the brands. According to the publication, Samsung lost a lot in the loyalty department this year, yet had a score of 566.6 – still 24.6 more than last year. Apple, on the other hand, wasn't even in second place last year (Nokia was), but now jumped at the top of the index with 568.5 points.

Now, keep in mind, a 1.9 gap between the competitors is almost negligible. As per the CBRC's own guidelines on how to read the Index – a gap of less than 50 points means a "weak" lead. So, we would imagine that less than 5 can hardly be considered a lead. Still, it is obvious that Apple marked a huge leap, compared to last year, where Sammy only took a step.

Far as we know – the Korea-based manufacturer is aware that it missed some key points in market change, which is why it's rethinking the way it approaches its smartphones – starting with design. The freshly announcedGalaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, with their aluminum unibody design, are testament to Sammy's decision to change things around a bit. We've also heard that the company is planning to reimagine its flagship Galaxy S from scratch, turning the Galaxy S6 into something entirely different, than one would expect to see from Samsung. What this will end up to be is still up for speculation and endless, inpatient, curious waiting.

Weep not for Sammy, though, as, in the same index, the company is ranked first in Monitors (3rd year in a row) and TVs (4th year in a row).

source: CBRC (translated) via G4Games

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