Those still using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could have a ticking time bomb

Those still using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could have a ticking time bomb
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could have had it all. The device was on its way to becoming Samsung's biggest selling phone of all time when all of a sudden there were several complaints about the device exploding and catching on fire. After the phone was recalled, Samsung issued new units that were supposedly safe to use. But one of these "safe" models started to smoke while its owner was boarding a commercial flight. The phone's owner dropped it on the floor of the plane where it promptly burned a hole in the plane's carpeting. Imagine what might have happened if the phone didn't start smoking until the plane was in the air.

That led Samsung to recall the Galaxy Note 7 a second and final time, which resulted in another problem; some owners loved the device so much, they refused to let it go. By January 2017, over 96% of all Galaxy Note 7 units had been returned to Samsung. The manufacturer had sent out an update that prevented the phone from charging, and that seemed to be the last straw for many of the holdouts.

But not every Galaxy Note 7 purchased was turned in. Some airlines even continue to post signs at the airport stating that no one is allowed to board a plane if they are carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Sammy's own support page, last updated on April 17th, 2018, asks those with a Galaxy Note 7 to turn it in to Samsung, noting that the handset "poses a safety risk." And that risk isn't just to the phone's owner, but to innocent bystanders around him/her.

You see, on Reddit there are Galaxy Note 7 owners discussing how they are still using the phone, including one owner who posted pictures showing that the battery on his unit is beginning to swell. On XDA, there are hints on how to bring a "dead" Galaxy Note 7 back to life. Frankly, why take a chance? If you love the Galaxy Note 7, you can always look for last year's Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition. Made from parts salvaged from returned and unsold Galaxy Note 7 handsets, the Fan Edition has a somewhat smaller 3200mAh battery compared to the 3500mAh cell that was used to power up the Galaxy Note 7. And the Snapdragon 820 SoC that powered the Galaxy Note 7 is replaced by the Snapdragon 821 chipset on the Galaxy Note Fan Edition.

Look, it's really a moot issue at this point.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched last year and the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled two weeks from tomorrow. If you still happen to own a Galaxy Note 7, you really should turn it into Samsung. As recently as April, the company said that returned units can be exchanged for another Samsung, or a refund based on the terms of the expanded Note 7 recall. Now is the time to look ahead instead of looking back.

source: Samsung via Reddit, XDA

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