Hydrophobia: S6 Active drop and waterproofing tests prove its mettle

In many ways, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is a better phone than its ordinary, meekish sibling. It has a much larger battery capacity, and is the rugged, waterproof phone that the S6 can never be, if not placed inside a specialized bulky case. Moreover, Samsung managed to achieve these while keeping the thickness of the tough handset at the reasonable 8.6 mm only - a far cry from the usual chubby ruggedized handsets we are used to seeing.

How well does the S6 Active match to its own claims of ruggedness and waterproof abilities? Well, judging from the drop test and water submerging videos below, pretty well. The phone gets dropped from a ceiling height, or about 12 feet, and survives, ditto for it being dunked in water for half an hour, and escaping unharmed.

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