HulloMail 2.2 provides Android users with free visual voicemail service

HulloMail 2.2 provides Android users with free visual voicemail service
If you've owned a cell phone for the better part of the last decade, then you're probably quite familiar with voicemail. In an era where time can be of the essence, some cell phone users just don't have the patience of having to listen to each and every one of their messages – they can some times abruptly rush through them without hearing its entirety. Fortunately, US and UK Android smartphone owners are getting a treat and being bumped to all the neat stuff that accompanies visual voicemail services as HulloMail 2.2 has been officially launched. Considered to be a stellar replacement for that stale voicemail service, HulloMail essentially provides all of the refinements we see with other comparable visual voicemail services – such as the ability to convert messages to MP3 files which can then be emailed to you as an attachment. The convenience factor is especially an eye opener for those who just can't always find the proper time to listen to all of them. And the best part about it all is the fact that it's being made available for free! So if you've been living with plain old boring voicemail services for some time now and own an Android handset, then go right ahead and check this out so you can experience all the neat things it has to offer.

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