Huawei preps a Full HD 5-incher of its own for CES, and a "better than Apple and Samsung" superphone

Huawei prepping a Full HD predator of its own for CES release
We knew that Huawei is ready to announce a Windows Phone 8 device at CES 2013, then an exec who warned Note II buyers to wait and see what Huawei has in store for them, and now we have another scoop on the company's 2013 plans.

Another exec has mentioned casually that Huawei will also be announcing a 5" Full HD display phone, as any self-respecting high-end in 2013 will seemingly sport one such screen, but they also talked about a second half "superphone" that is in the works. Oppo Find 5 already confirmed that Chinese high-ends are now up with the best out there, so we can't wait to check Huawei's claims when time comes.

"If our R & D people have not made a mistake, then we have in the second half of 2013 something better than Apple and Samsung," the company's CMO reportedly said. 

A pretty bold statement, but the 5-incher with the 1080x1920 pixels that we'll check out at CES is said to carry some "special features", so next month's announcement might give us a hint towards Huawei's superphone coming down the pipe later in 2013.


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