Huawei: we've been good for Android, our phones will still get app and security updates

Huawei: we've been good for Android, all current phones will keep getting updates
Fair or not, the new White House administration restrictions on US companies doing business with Huawei all of a sudden took an ominous turn as Google announced it will have to chop access to Android in compliance. Google says that "while" it is reviewing the requirements that Trump's admin imposed on them, Huawei phones will be getting Play store and security updates but it's not clear what happens after.

Huawei, in its turn, was quick to send us a boilerplate statement that all of its current phones and tablets that are in the hands of end users, as well as those that are in stock, can rest assured nothing bad will happen to their Android street cred:

The Republican administration's move comes amidst an all-out trade war with China, and Huawei is turning out to be one of the biggest pawns in that game, much to the chagrin of those who wanted to purchase, say, a P30 Pro

Moreover, Huawei's phones started being acknowledged and liked by consumers globally, resulting a breakneck growth phase that catapulted it to the world's second largest phone maker, breathing down the neck of the top dog Samsung. As to what Huawei's options are at the moment, besides suing the US government and hoping that a US court will side with its case, it's not exactly clear.

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