Huawei might be working on Windows Phone 8 handset and Windows 8 tablet

Huawei might be working on Windows Phone 8 handset and Windows 8 tablet
Huawei, one of the biggest Chinese phone makers, might be among the first manufacturers to jump on the Windows 8 bandwaggonwith a pair of phones and a tablet, according to Chinese publication WPDang.

Huawei allegedly has assigned 70 engineers to work on two Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The first one should leverage exisitng Huawei Android insight and use similar components. The price should be around $315, which sounds pretty affordable when you consider this is the cost without any contract ties. 

The second handset will be designed from the ground up and have a large screen, possibly over 4 inches in diagonal, and that’s where details start to get scarce.

There are also whispers about a Huawei Windows 8 tablet with 4G LTE connectivity on board. It’s not yet known whether the Chinese manufacturer would go with Intel’s x86 architecture or ARM.

Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo, and Windows 8 are expected to be probably the most important milestone for Microsoft’s platform, especially the mobile one. We expect to see a lot of manufacturers joining Microsoft in their plans and a huge boost to the way WP performs after the release of WP8, but up until now Windows Phone hasn’t really succeeded in breaking the iOS/Android duopoly.

source: WPDang via WPsauce

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