Huawei asks users to download AppGallery for their wearables to work again

Huawei asks users to download AppGallery for their wearables to work again
Some users have taken to the Huawei forums to report that the Huawei Health app, needed for certain Huawei accessories, has stopped working with their non-Huawei smartphones. Among those users are such with Samsung, OnePlus and Google Pixel phones, trying to use Huawei smart bands and smartwatches with them.

Huawei's response has been to ask the users to download the Huawei Health app through its own AppGallery, which means also downloading that from Huawei's website first. In addition, some users are directed to uninstall Huawei Mobile Services and re-install it from the AppGallery.

While attempting to use the Honor Band 3 sleep and fitness tracker with their Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, one user notes that they didn't need to download the Chinese giant's AppGallery for Huawei Health to work before, until recently.

A number of users who complied with the company's instructions and downloaded Huawei's own app store continued claiming to have issues connecting their Huawei smart bands and smartwatches with non-Huawei smartphones.

The AppGallery is Huawei's answer to not being allowed to use Google Services and Google Play. The Chinese giant has taken considerable efforts to populate it with popular mobile games such as Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall and even expressed hopes that Google would make its own, widely popular Android apps available on it.

And while the lack of Google apps such as YouTube and Chrome isn't an issue for Huawei's home market, the company's loyal customers outside of China may continue to face occasional annoyances, like the aforementioned one.

While we're on the subject of fitness and sleep trackers, we recently published our top six picks for best fitness bands and trackers, where Huawei's Band 3 Pro was also included.

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