Huawei Mate 20 Pro owners are getting something that Mate 30 Pro owners can only dream about

Huawei Mate 20 Pro owners are getting something that Mate 30 Pro owners can only dream about
Huawei's latest flagship phones, the Mate 30 series, run on an open-source version of Android and can not use Google's core apps like Search, Gmail, Maps, the Play Store and YouTube. That's because Huawei was placed on the U.S. Commerce Department's Entity List back in May for security reasons. As a result, the manufacturer is not allowed to access its U.S. supply chain. That means it has been unable to license the Google Play Services version of Android with Google's apps. Sales of the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro outside of China are going to fall far short of what the company planned on earlier this year when it estimated that it would ship a total of 300 million handsets for 2019. That probably would have made Huawei the world's largest smartphone manufacturer by the end of this year. Instead, it looks like Huawei will have to settle for third place behind Samsung and Apple. For the first half of this year, Huawei trailed only Samsung having delivered 118 million units.

While the Mate 30 line is running open-source Android, this weekend last year's Mate 20 Pro is being updated to Android 10. Any phone already sold or under development prior to the May 16th Entity List placement is able to use U.S. components and software such as the licensed version of Android. According to DroidApp (via Android Central), the Mate 20 Pro is being updated to Android 10 in the Netherlands. The latest build of Android takes the half-assed gesture navigation system seen on Android 9 and replaces it with a full gesture system.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is still quite a serviceable phone, and it runs Google's Android apps

For example, in Android 9, pressing on the pill-shaped home button takes users to the home screen. Sliding the pill halfway up the screen reveals the open apps and the back button takes users back a page. In Android 10, the pill is gone and swiping up from the bottom of the screen from any app will take the user home. Swiping up halfway reveals open apps, and swiping to the left from the right edge or swiping to the right from the left edge takes the user back to the previous screen. Android 10 also features the system-wide Dark theme toggle, Live Captions and more.

The Mate 20 Pro remains quite a serviceable phone with its 6.4-inch AMOLED display carrying a 1440 x 3120 resolution and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. Powered by the Kirin 980 chipset (produced by TSMC using the 7nm process), there are three different configurations including 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage, 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, and 8GB of memory with 256GB of storage.

The Mate 20 Pro is equipped with a triple camera setup on back (40MP Wide + 8MP Telephoto with a 3x optical zoom + 20MP ultra-wide). In the front is a 24MP selfie snapper and a 4200mAh battery keeps the lights on. A 40W fast charger takes the battery from 0% to 70% in only 30 minutes and wireless charging takes place at 15W. And speaking of wireless charging, the Mate 20 Pro introduced us last year to reverse wireless charging. This means that the back panel of the Mate 20 Pro can be used as a wireless charging pad to charge a compatible phone, earpods in a wireless charging case or a compatible smartwatch.  The host phone's battery shares some of its power. Along with Android 10, the Mate 20 Pro is also receiving Huawei's EMUI 10 interface and the September Android security update.

The U.S. and China have just agreed to the framework of a new trade agreement and while Huawei hasn't been mentioned so far, any deal could result in the removal of the company from the Entity List. If that happens, the head of the manufacturer's consumer group, Richard Yu, said that a software update would go out overnight adding the Google Play Services version of Android to the Mate 30 line. But those with the Mate 20 Pro are now receiving what Mate 30 Pro owners outside oif China can only dream about.

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Mate 20 Pro
  • Display 6.4" 1440 x 3120 pixels
  • Camera 40 MP / 24 MP front
  • Processor HiSilicon Kirin, Octa-core, 2600 MHz
  • Storage 128 GB + Nano Memory (NM)
  • Battery 4200 mAh



1. P-YWS

Posts: 151; Member since: Aug 12, 2011

The politicians in USA should stop using the much hyped yet proved to be unfouded/unsubstantiated elsewhere (in England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, etc.). They did nothing right for national security but instead open the flood gate for recession! If they are so concerned with security, they can ask Huawei to put the data centers in US soil, and put CIA/FBI on the 24/7 sign-up sheet to the data centers. We consumers will urge Huawei to accept such practices, however stupid and unreasonable it may look. Huawei may gladly accept the requirement/constraint. After all, consumers or law-abiding US citizens should not be denied of well-made consumer products because of geopolitical fight! I wonder if the stupidity of the US officials & politicians have already violated the Fifth Amendments!

3. meanestgenius

Posts: 22423; Member since: May 28, 2014

Spot on with your comment. It's all just the U.S. trying to use Huawei to gain an advantage in trade talks with China, as well as them trying to stifle Huawei's innovation in 5G tech since they are by far the leaders of it.

4. Be_Mine

Posts: 300; Member since: Dec 29, 2013

Yes, it make no sense at all. It is okay for older devices to still use Google core apps and continue to receive updates, but it is not okay for the new ones because...Security???

9. Venom

Posts: 3802; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

I don't think you quite understand the skeletons Huawei has in their closet. Huawei has some ties with the Chinese government which may I remind you is a communist regime. Not only that, but Chinese hackers have been guilty of some attacks and malware outbreaks on the Play Store. Just because you want to sweep it under the rug doesn't mean that Huawei's shady reputation is going to go away. And if you ask me, I wouldn't necessarily say that Huawei has well some made phones.

10. Poptart2828

Posts: 459; Member since: Jan 23, 2018

Everyone plays shady. Saleswise, hundreds of millions of people buy Huawei making them compelling phones.

14. Venom

Posts: 3802; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

So you're saying that they are shady? I don't think it says much about their sales since Huawei is a Chinese company and China is a fairly large country with a large population, so obviously Huawei will have the best sales numbers in terms of their own country. Elsewhere it's a different story. I don't think Huawei products match the offerings of Asus, OnePlus, and Google with the Pixel 3A phones. Just my thoughts.

18. TheAjm

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 13, 2019

If suggest you take a look at their specifications, their products don't just match the products you mentioned, they blow them out of the water. Having used their products I'd rather deal without Gmail if I had to vs pay Samsung their inflated prices for a lesser product.

16. Mobilephile

Posts: 171; Member since: Nov 25, 2012

All the while US is an angel with no hackers, spies, or govt. corruption right? If you want to talk about shady, simply look at all the US tech giants or thieves, currently stealing EVERYONE's data for their own gain and profit.

17. Alcyone

Posts: 542; Member since: May 10, 2018

You have no idea how shady the USA is. Under Clinton was the most active time for the CIA and covert acts. That I know for a fact. And people can doubt all they want. But, truth be is they recuit from the US services (I.e army, etc). Mostly contract work, done through legit company's. I know offshore contracts went 4 weeks. At least they did back in the early 90s. Look at Liberia the country and its settlement and trade history.

25. meanestgenius

Posts: 22423; Member since: May 28, 2014

Exactly. Spot on with your post. The U.S. is as shady as they come.

2. meanestgenius

Posts: 22423; Member since: May 28, 2014

Awesome. Can't wait until the update hits my Mate 20 Pro. This is one fantastic smartphone. It's a shame that all of this BS political propaganda has Huawei right in the middle of it even though there is still no proof of the wrongdoings the U.S. is accusing them's affecting many U.S companies negatively.

11. Mexx81

Posts: 10; Member since: Sep 09, 2019

So,you say Huawei is under China communist party? Hmm,i see. So they could spy someone ? They spay somenone? Aha aha,nice nice. Evidence? Someone? USA,EU? Evidance someone??? Ah,no hehehe. So,u telling me USA talking about spying? You know,i would call that Monty Python. USA who spy all Europe countris,Angela Merkel,and thera are EVIDANCE. But hey thats USA

12. meanestgenius

Posts: 22423; Member since: May 28, 2014

Exactly. The U.S. has yet to provide anyone with any evidence of Huawei spying for the Chinese government, yet there are many people ignoring the fact that the U.S. has been caught spying on nations that it’s supposed to be allied with. The U.S. is trying to stifle the innovations of Huawei as it pertains to its networking tech because they are so far ahead of any U.S. company, and they are the leaders when it comes to 5G tech as well. Huawei is a very innovative company, and that is evident for consumers to see in their innovative and extremely compelling smartphones, like my fantastic Mate 20 Pro and it’s successor, the Mate 30 Pro, for example.

19. TheAjm

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 13, 2019

Meanwhile our government clones AT&Ts data in real-time everyday. I'm not a tin foil hat kind of guy, I went to a fairly large security conference this year and it's just known and understood. So we try to take down Huawei for being under the suspicion of what the US already does? It's absurd.

20. meanestgenius

Posts: 22423; Member since: May 28, 2014

Exactly. The U.S. is as shady as they come, spying on their own citizens and their allies overseas, but people want to turn a blind eye to it as opposed to admitting it. This U.S. governments actions are as bad as any dictator government when you really look at it.

15. Venom

Posts: 3802; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

The largest OEM in China that just happens to be one of the most prominent network tech provider in the country and you're saying that they have zero ties to Chinese government? Remember now China is ran by a communist regime. It's nothing like the US, which isn't perfect by any means, but at least you have rights.

13. lallolu

Posts: 733; Member since: Sep 18, 2012

I don't think this should stop Huawei from being able to upgrade android when a new build is available.

21. Mexx81

Posts: 10; Member since: Sep 09, 2019

Pls tell me,how many wars China have in last 100 years ? How many USA? In the name of Democracy of course hahaha. And how many poor people they the name of democracy of course ?

23. cocoy

Posts: 464; Member since: Oct 30, 2015

I have a second phone Huawei Mate 10 and running android 9.1. The mentioned half-assed gesture system is actually a full gesture system. There is no such thing as pill sized thing. The pill sized thing called navigation dock is an option. You can use it if you like but I prefer not cause it better to use the full gesture.

24. cocoy

Posts: 464; Member since: Oct 30, 2015

I hope they can still support the Mate 10 for Android 10 update.

26. meanestgenius

Posts: 22423; Member since: May 28, 2014

They should have no issues updating products that already existed before the ban was set in place.

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