Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be the only Mate 10 variant with a bezel-less design, new rumor claims


One of Huawei's biggest market successes outside of its own home country is definitely the Mate 9, so it only makes sense we'll be seeing a successor to it soon. And this has already been confirmed, thanks to a video showing off the device's camera capabilities.

But many people out there probably don't know that there's actually four different devices bearing the Mate 9 name — though the Porsche Design and Pro one are pretty much identical, and the Lite is just a mid-ranger using the name for a cheap marketing boost. So the question remains, will the Mate 10 be a series as well? Well, for the second time now, a rumor with questionable origins claims this will be the case.

Citing an unnamed user on Weibo, Chinese website Zol claims the phone will be released in two variants — a regular Mate 10, and a high-powered Mate 10 Pro. The latter is particularly interesting, as it's said to feature a nearly bezel-less design, as has become the new norm in flagship smartphones, while the regular Mate 10 will keep a display with regular proportions.

According to the same source, one of the two devices will follow the Mate 9's design and keep the fingerprint scanner on the back, while the other will move it to the front of the device, à la the Huawei P10. So given that the Pro will allegedly try and minimize bezels, it will most likely be the one to keep its scanner in the rear position.

All in all, this fits pretty nicely with a previous rumor we've heard, which also claimed there will be two variants of the device — a larger one with a 6.1-inch display, and a smaller one with a 5.8-inch one. But that rumor called them Mate 10 and Mate 10 Lite, so either someone messed up the names, or there are actually three Mate 10 models in the works.

Or, of course, one or more of the rumors is false, as is often the case. Still, releasing multiple devices under one moniker sure sounds like something Huawei would do, while the bezel-less display (which will possibly be marketed as "EntireView") has all but been confirmed by Huawei already, so there's a fair chance the above information is the truth. In any case, there's a fair amount of time until the alleged October 16 unveiling date, so we'll just have to wait and see.

source: Zol via The Android Soul

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