How to turn your Android into a BlackBerry Priv: wallpaper, launcher, keyboard, BB Services


BlackBerry is back with a bang, outing a decked Android handset called the Priv (from privacy), assuming a popular mobile OS, but with the typical BlackBerry twist on security and productivity - a strategy that, according to its loyal fans, it should have pursued from the get-go.

With a curved Quad HD display, high-res 18 MP camera with OIS, a big battery, and the signature physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Priv can take on any of today's Androids, and then some, so we are sure that BB fans, who have been longing for such a flagship for years now, might be already lining up. Still, you might want to test-drive the Priv's interface look and custom apps first - after all, it's an Android handset with BB services on it, so if you want to try the BlackBerry Priv experience on your current phone, here's what you need to do:

1. First things first - BlackBerry is famed for its keyboards, physical or virtual, and, since you can't replicate the tactile physical one on the Priv, the next best thing is to download and install the on-screen Blackberry Priv keyboard APK file. It doesn't require root or the BB Launcher, so fire at will, sideload and see if you like it;

2. Next up - download and install the BlackBerry Services APK file. These are required if you want anything else, like the launcher or calendar, to work afterwards;

3. Download and install the BB Launcher - it's the same one we examined in the review, and found to be a simple and clean Android take, with some unique BlackBerry twists and turns, like Pop-up widgets; 

4. What will be a stock launcher without the stock wallpaper we've embedded above. Just grab it and install as your default wall - it spans a couple of homescreens to boot, and is best for, surprise, surprise - phones with QHD resolution;

5. Download and install the BlackBerry Calendar - another one of the must-have BB productivity apps, the calendar lets you take a glimpse at upcoming appointments by swiping down on any of the BB Hub lists.

Granted, you can't achieve the absolute synergy of hardware and software encryption that only the Priv offers (for this, you have to get the actual handset), but if you want to preview what will be in store for you with BlackBerry's latest and greatest, you can take the stock apps above for a test drive first.

source: Xaiux (XDA-Devs)
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