How to turn off the Apple Music 'Connect' tab, and swap it for 'Playlists'

How to turn off the Apple Music 'Connect' tab, and swap it for 'Playlists'
The latest iOS 8.4 is here, and with it arrived the brand new Apple Music app that has received a thorough overhaul to reflect the new streaming subscription service that Apple launched. There is a mini player popping up at the bottom of the screen at all times now, that shows you what is playing at the moment, which you can swipe away at will. 

There is some pretty new album art work which can be swiped up and away as well, plus a fresh For You section, which gets populated with curated suggestions once you tell the app a thing or two about your music tastes. The app is also be chock full of music videos, which you can run straight from there, with tens of thousands in HD quality to choose from. Not only that, but in the new music app there is a section called Connect, which will let your favorite artist to maintain their own social network page, where they can upload music, videos, photos, status updates, and so on - SoundCloud, take note. 

The "Connect" tab isn't of use to everyone, though. Despite that it doesn't require subscription to Apple Music, it still takes a tab of space in the app interface, regardless whether you want to follow Pharrell's or any other artist's musings, or their tour grind. Fret not, however, as there is a very easy way to turn off the "Connect" social music network, and replace it with the arguably more useful "Playlists." Here is what needs to be done:



1. waddup121 unregistered


2. j2001m

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It's there on the iPad anyways

3. javy108

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Respect Apple but I dont like this app.

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