How to tell if your Galaxy S6/S6 edge has a Sony or a Samsung camera sensor inside

How to tell if your Galaxy S6 has a Sony or a Samsung camera sensor
Samsung has been known to use different sensors in one and the same model of its flagship lines before, and, seemingly, the Galaxy S6 won't be an exception. While we revealed not long ago that the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are using a Sony IMX240 camera sensor, now another unit is elbowing its way into the picture, Samsung's own 16 MP creation.

This situation mimics what the company did with the Note 4 - the version with an Exynos processor of its latest phablet uses a Samsung-made sensor, reported as SLSI_S5K2P2, while the Snapdragon 805 variant is equipped with Sony's IMX240. At the time, it was argued that it's just the software reporting different strings, because of the two separate ISPs (image signal processors), utilized in the different chipsets.

The thing is, though, that Samsung has eschewed Snapdragon for the Galaxy S6 entirely this time around, and only uses its own 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7420 for all models, with no Snapdragon anywhere to be seen. Users from all over the world are reporting either Sony or Samsung camera sensor strings, and there doesn't seem to be any production period, model or carrier pattern determining which sensor goes into what handset. 

They are seemingly put in at random batches, and Samsung apparently considers them interchangeable, so we wouldn't worry too much whether it's a Sony or a Samung sensor inside, though there might be subtle differences between one and the same scene being photographed with the two sensors. Still, if you want to know exactly what sensor is inside your S6 or S6 edge, here's what you need to do:

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1. Download and install AIDA64 from the Play Store. The all-time desktop favorite system info program is now mobile, and can reveal to you every minute detail about your phone's hardware components;

2. Go to the Devices section, and check the Camera ID string there;

3. If the device string begins with SLSI, you've got a Samsung package, whereas Sony's ISP version is depicted with SONY_IMX240 for obvious reasons. There you have it.

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