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How to set a video lockscreen on the Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e

How to set a video lockscreen on the Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e
One of the cooler features of Samsung's Galaxy flagships over the past few years has been the option to set a short video as your lockscreen wallpaper. Yes, it's not the second coming of the Christ and it's not a particular useful one, not to say that it's not a new feature at all, but it's cool nonetheless, alright?

One of the cooler things about Samsung's lockscreen video feature is the fact that you can use any video that you have on your phone. It works great with video samples taken with the phone itself, especially portrait ones. Have in mind that you can use any video as long as it isn't longer than 15 seconds.

You can also use Samsung's paid video wallpapers from within the Themes app itself, but we found most of these to be pretty boring in comparison with the super-creative videos that one could find on the internet. Still, the included video wallpapers that Samsung will happily sell you will do the trick if you want to save yourself some hassle. 

Step #1

Fire up the Settings app and head to the Wallpapers and themes menu, where you'd normally change your wallpaper. Alternatively, you can simply hold down on your home screen and select the Wallpapers option.

Step #2

Hit the Gallery shortcut in the upper left. 

Step #3

Locate your video and select it. 

Step #4

A preview will appear, but you can't resize and crop the video from this screen.

Step #5

Still, by hitting the edit button down below you can trim your 15-second video segment.

Step #6

Finally, when you're done and happy with your new lockscreen, apply it. You're done!

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