How to save web sites as PDF for reading offline on your iPhone or Android

If you've ever come across an article you want to read later when you will be out of data connection, or wanted to send the content of a website to someone, it's not enough just to bookmark the website in question, as when you are out of range, you are out of luck, too. 

Moreover, if you are abroad, and spot something interesting, yet have to go out where the big bad roaming charges are raging supreme, we bet you'd love to be able to quickly get that website with you to read on the go, wouldn't you?

While there are plenty of third-party apps that can store the content for you to preview offline, like Pocket, there is nothing like a good old PDF file to skim through on the Paris metro car, is there? Did you know that this website-as-PDF functionality is built right into your phone? Here's one of the simplest ways to take a website and carry with you offline to check out or share from your iOS or Android device.

1. For Android - open the website in Chrome, and either use the Convert to PDF option in the Share menu (if you have bothered creating an Adobe account), or simply open the main menu, tap on Print, and choose "Save as PDF" from the dropdown to download and store the website's content to your local storage for viewing offline.

2. On iOS, the easiest way to save a website to preview offline is, of course, Apple's Reading List function that comes in the Safari browser - just tap on the reading glasses icon in the Share menu ((the square with the arrow coming out of it), and the article will be added to your Reading List collection to read offline;

3.  For iOS 9 and above, though - tap on the share button in Safari, and choose the "Save PDF to iBooks" option. The whole website content will now be stored under the "PDFs" category in iBooks for previewing offline at any time, or be messaged to someone. Neat.


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