How to get the camera HDR setting back in iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X

When Apple announced the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X last month, the company was very proud of its new Bionic chip and the image signal processor that comes with it. It allows the camera to do its magic, like add the special Portrait Lighting effects and intelligently decide when to boost exposure and when to apply HDR. Yes, we've had auto HDR before, but now, Apple is so convinced that it's nailed the exact moments that the feature can kick in that it removed the HDR toggle from the camera app.

For anyone that likes to have some control over what they are doing when shooting with the camera, this sounds mildly concerning. What if we want to force HDR? What if we want to shoot with it off, but the phone stubbornly decides otherwise? To top it off, the HDR prompt that used to go off when the auto HDR is about to kick in is gone in the iPhone 8's camera app. Thankfully, at least the already taken picture will have the HDR label to let you know that the mode was used.

So... can we get the old style HDR toggle back? Well, yes we can. It's buried in the phone's Settings and is turned off by default, but you can easily fix that with the following steps:



1. Nopers unregistered

But why would you want it back?

3. uncle_gadget

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Choice? Because Apple shouldn't be deciding how I want to use the phone I own and paid for?! Is that good enough reason? What Apple is doing is like what many businesses do, like install lights that go on and off automatically, either on a timer or using a proximity sensor. Its good for them to save money, but it doesn't work when I need light and its off. Like for example on a cloudy day when having lights off would make for a darker work area. So having the switch always available to turn it on when you want is. Again , Apple dumbing down its products, assuming people are to stupid to make simple decisions. Makes me wonder why educated people buy such?!

2. gynorm

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because going into the settings menu to get to camera settings makes sense... circa 2007

4. worldpeace

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That's because the technology isn't mature enough /s Wait till iOS 15, and they'll finally move camera setting to camera app

5. darkkjedii

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These little things, make me appreciate what Samsung is do ing even more.


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7. hassanhalik

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