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How to create, rename, and delete folders on an iPhone or iPad

How to create, rename, and delete folders on an iPhone or iPad
Unlike its competing operating systems, iOS does not have any sort of app drawer to bundle all of a user's apps into. Instead, it dumps absolutely every downloaded app onto the home screen, which, sooner or later, could result in quite a mess. All major mobile systems support app folders, but for its crying need for organizational tools, iOS is probably the one where they are most important.

An app folder basically works like it would on PC. The user can bundle up as many icons as they wish in one place. This way, instead of having 24 games take up an entire homescreen, one can have all of them in a folder, keeping the homescreen amount down.

Creating a folder

To put apps in a folder, tap and hold on one of the apps you will be bundling together. You will see the screen go in “edit mode” (all the app icons start wiggling) – now, while keeping your finger on the screen, you can drag the icon you chose and place it right on top of another app that you wish to put in the same folder. Doing this will automatically bundle the apps together.

Renaming a folder

iOS is quite smart about folder naming. When you first create a folder, it will detect the type of apps that you put together, and will name the group accordingly – Utilities, Games, Organizer, etc. However, you can name it however you like by tapping on the text field while still in homescreen edit mode.

Swipe up from the bottom (home gesture) to exit homescreen edit mode.

If you change your mind and want to rename your folder at a later date, no biggie. Just re-enter homescreen edit mode (tap and hold on an app), open the desired folder, and tap on its text field.

Secret tip: you can drag multiple apps at once

Instead of moving your apps across homescreens, in and out of folders one by one, you can now drag multiple icons at once. Enter homescreen edit mode like normal and start dragging your first app. While dragging that one icon, tap on any other app you wish to collect. You will notice them all coming into a stack under your finger. Now, drag them and drop them wherever you wish.

Deleting a folder

To destroy a folder, simply drag all of the apps out of it. As you remove the last one, the folder will dissolve into nothing.
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