How to create, rename, and delete folders on an iPhone or iPad

Unlike its competing operating systems, iOS does not have any sort of app drawer to bundle all of a user's apps into. Instead, it dumps absolutely every downloaded app onto the home screen, which, sooner or later, could result in quite a mess. All major mobile systems support app folders, but for its crying need for organizational tools, iOS is probably the one where they are most important.

An app folder basically works like it would on PC. The user can bundle up as many icons as they wish in one place. This way, instead of having 24 games take up an entire homescreen, one can have all of them in a folder, keeping the homescreen amount down.



1. waddup121 unregistered

Cool guide!

2. SamsungPhanboy

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Lmao is phonearena serious, cuh??! Next, phonearena teaches iPhone and Androud users how to wipe their butts

5. 99nights

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They ALWAYS post articles like this, it's pretty funny but so bad at the same time. Must have nothing else to post lol..


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Iphone........hahah another proof that it sucks!

4. SamsungPhanboy

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6. Forerunner7

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Slow news day indeed...

7. Sovat_fc

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The author knows iPhone users suck at tech, so this article appears for them.

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