Behind the Scenes video shows the Pixel 3 in action recording Eminem's NYC performance

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Earlier this week, we showed you the official video of Eminem's performance inside and outside the Empire State Building, recorded in part by the new Google Pixel 3. The clip was played on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show, and featured the rapper "singing" the title tune from the movie Venom. Prior to the release of the video, Google had said that there would be a "Behind the Scenes" clip filmed entirely on the Pixel 3. That video has now been released.

In the video, we can see the Pixel 3 bracketed on equipment that makes it easier for the cameraman to hold steady (although we should point out that the device does have OIS for consumers' recordings). As Doug Deluca, co-executive producer of the Kimmel show points out, the phone can more easily get into places that a much bigger camera can't. For example, the video shows how a scene was filmed inside an Empire State Building elevator, and we can see from this how the Pixel 3 is much less obtrusive than a large camera would be.

You can check out the "Behind the Scenes" video located at the top of this story. The final version of the clip, which was broadcast on national television last Monday, can be seen below.  This way you can judge for yourself whether the Pixel 3 camera was up to the task.

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source: EminemMusic

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