Hotel in Vancouver equips guests staying there with iPhones

Hotel in Vancouver equips guests staying there with iPhones
Who still relies on using landlines, right? With all the wonders found with the modern-day smartphone, more people are dropping the wired connections of yesterday, and instead, they’re relying totally on their smartphone. Interestingly, it seems as though the movement is starting to creep its way into the hotel business.

Call it a first, the Opus hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia equip its staying guests with iPhones! Indeed, that’s one sweet amenity thrown in with the stay, but it’s actually a standard practice for the hotel. Obviously, the hotel hopes that international guests will take a liking to trotting around the beloved smartphone during their stay – both at the hotel and during their travels around the area.

In fact, the hotel allows its guest to bring along the smartphone during their trips around the area, where they’ll be able to make local phone calls and surf the web. No doubt, it’s the perfect companion seeing that it has a ton of function in making the trip worthwhile – like having the ability to look up local eateries, getting directions, reviews on certain tourist spots, and much more. However, if guests choose to make international phone calls, the charges are simply billed to their account on file.

For those concerned about privacy, it’s worth noting that the iPhones are wiped to ensure that nothing remains on the handset, which is then ready for operation for the next guest obviously. Well folks, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about guests being equipped with gadgets during their stay, as the Plaza Hotel in New York offers its guests with iPads to control their room.

via TUAW

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