Here's the argument Siri fails to resolve

Here's the argument Siri fails to resolve
By now, you’re pretty familiar with Siri: for some it’s the weather-telling and appointment scheduling humble virtual assistant, for others it’s a virtual pastor listening to their cussing and confessions. For some - it’s even more. One thing is certain, though - Siri always tries to help. (If it’s not suffering from a massive nationwide outage, that is.)

But trying doesn’t always work and this couple’s argument is the perfect example. You’ll see Siri try to soften it out, cover it up, and generally try to mind its own business when emotions kick in a hilarious spoof named "Don't drag her into this." We won’t spoil the fun with any other details, though, just check out the video below yourself, but the faint of heart geeks should be warned that it doesn’t have a happy ending. We’re sure Siri will evolve to that one day, though. It’s in beta after all. 

source: Collegehumor

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