Here's how much old iconic phones would cost in today's money

Here's how much these old iconic phones would cost in today's   money
$10,000 is a considerable amount of money, there's no denying that. It is enough to buy you 2803 Big Macs, 83 years worth of Kindle Unlimited service, 4448 gallons of gas, or a lovely trip to an exotic destination for you and the whole family. Yet surely, you wouldn't spend 10 grand on a cell phone. That would be ridiculous.

Back in the '80s, however, that's how much it cost to own a portable cell phone. Well, kind of. The Dynatac 8000X by Motorola, for example, was priced at "only" $3995. But when inflation is taken into account, this figure grows to over 9000 in today's U.S. dollars. 

See the price equivalents of other notable vintage specimens in the slideshow below!

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