Here are the best apps for tracking the 2012 elections

Here are the best apps for tracking the 2012 elections
The 2012 Elections are literally everywhere - in the news, ads are on our TVs, streets, and GOP primaries are getting even more interesting by the day. 

But where can you find the best, most concise and/or entertaining coverage? On the Internet, of course, and if you have a smartphone (hopefully, you do!), the web could be better accessed via some neat native applications. Here are top picks for following the 2012 presidential elections:

1. Pulse - free.

The Pulse app is probably the most popular RSS news reader across various platforms, and it just recently launched its 2012 election hub. 

The app allows you to follow your favorite candidate and check out opinions from your beloved political commentators.

2. NY Times - free.

The New York Times Election 2012 app made it in the news late 2011 and it offers pretty comprehensive coverage of the election from the respected daily. 

Of course, it claims to be the "best campaign coverage anywhere, all in one app." We would leave you judge on that, but it does offer some neat data like poll numbers, state updates and videos and slideshows.

3. The Daily Show - $1.99.

The name of Jon Stewart should be enough to have you rush to get this app fast. At least, if you value the fun and revealing pieces and bits the Stewart team has the talent to uncover every day from Monday to Friday. 

It also helps not get bored to death with propaganda, but sadly doesn’t allow you to watch full shows, only parts of them.

4. Political Fury - $1.99.

Trivia questions about political parties – what could be more interesing? Irony aside, this trivia is up-to-date and entertaining, plus it tests your knowledge of the current political situation. 

You can also get social and use polls, forums and others.

5. Politifact - $1.99

The presidential campaign is a long road filled with promises and pledges, but while politicians are notorious for promising, they're not always that quick to do what they promise. 

This app will help you track the promises and how they are fulfilled by candidates to better make up your mind about who's the biggest lier of 'em all.


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1. aphrophyre

Posts: 24; Member since: Feb 02, 2012

How about highlighting more than just iPhone apps? Otherwise this post should be labeled accordingly to let them know it wont be useful unless they have an iPhone.

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