Here are 6 nice phones under $400 you can get instead of the OnePlus 2

Here are 6 nice phones under $400 you can get instead of the OnePlus 2
While the OnePlus 2 is still one of the best value propositions in the smartphone realm, things on the market aren't like they used to. 2015 sees prices for handsets with flagship hardware, looks, and features trickle down into the mid-price range, while some of last year's top-shelf smartphones — still very capable, and not half-bad looking — can now be bought unlocked at prices two times lesser than what used to be. 

So before you start hunting for OnePlus 2 invites, or plunk down the cash for the "flagship killer", take a moment to research some of the deals we'll show to you. Although the OnePlus 2 has an edge over each of the five devices below, neither of them are too far back in terms of user experience and technological advantages, but all can be bought easily and reliably without participating in the "invite circus".


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