Here are 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5

Here are 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5
Ah, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango! Just saying the name of the platform seems to start controversy - and don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the design work and the universally smooth performance Microsoft achieved with it, but it’s clear that so far it’s had a lukewarm reception at best, and it’s still behind in features when compared to the big two, Android and iOS.

But those are just vague words - Microsoft has been patching bugs, and polishing it out quickly, yet it seems that the list of shortcomings is just too big. How big? Ex-Symbian and currently MeeGo user known as SamKB on My-Symbian gives 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone Mango, with a couple of bonus ones for the extra flare. Compiling such a list is a massive work, and we ourselves are impressed with the level of detail covered, so we’d definitely recommend you to carefully check it out before hitting the store with the decision to get a Windows Phone. It might turn out to be wiser to wait for Windows Phone 8 Apollo, after all.

Some of the flaws are inherent for Microsoft’s mobile platforms, others come in comparison with features present in older Nokia phones and there’s a humiliating category showing how many things Windows Phone can’t do that even a feature phone can. One disclaimer is that the missing 101 features listed are tested on Nokia’s Lumia phones, allegedly bringing the best out of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

With no further ado, here they are:

The cruel conclusion follows as a comment to the post: “Nokia as a specialist phone company is miles ahead of Microsoft in phone OS. MeeGo Harmattan is a gem which works admirably well even in its first incarnation. Elop threw away pearls in exchange for worthless stones.

Now, do you agree with that? Some of the users have criticized certain points and the author has willingly changed and in some cases replaced them with others. Head to the source below if you have your own thoughts and disagreements, but don’t hesitate to also let us know about them in the comments section.

source: My Symbian



247. dexty

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 15, 2013

i have windows phone(7.8) lumia 510 after 3 months of experience with it . i hav decided to buy a new android phone. and give lumia to nokia for recycling it, ofcourse i'll crush it b4 so that it cannot be given to others or be reusable and will not make another soul suffer from it

245. NaRu7o

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 20, 2013

Sure I may be late to the party with this, but I have to point out #80. That's true for ANY and ALL smartphones. I've tried it with iOS garbage and the Android. You need 3G data to download MMS. Know why? It goes onto a secured internet page and retrieves the info from there. Older phones that can't use WiFi don't use the same internet capacities to get MMS texts thereby making them NOT require 3G to download them and can be covered by a simple texting package. Sadly since the phone uses a specific way it downloads MMS, it can't use WiFi to get them. Don't spout retorhic when you don't know what you're actually talking about.

246. rnk.khch

Posts: 86; Member since: Jan 30, 2012

Right! Unfortunately many people approach a new platform with the mindset they already have of their current platform, and they think that it's the new platform that should evolve, while it's their mindset that really should.

244. cncrim

Posts: 1590; Member since: Aug 15, 2011

After bought the Lumia 900 I get bore with it after the second days. Microsoft if you keep this up, you will loose the mobile war.... I'm 100% garantree it, not 99% but 100% no doubt.

241. kaushik

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 15, 2012

All os has some drawbacks. WP7,android,ios all have some drawbacks, thats why all of them are getting upgraded and release new versions. So why you only blame WP7. If you want to do so you should show all the negatives of all other os.

239. terrence006

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 10, 2012

im also thinking of buying one. but. nevermind.. iphone5 is coming

238. sakgmc

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 09, 2012

The problem with garbage web sites like this is REAL people are going to see this list and think it's accurate. It's a shame sites like you have to be so biased, all it does is make people realize how truly worthless you are.

237. rodex

Posts: 24; Member since: Dec 14, 2011

OS limitations??? most of these apply to iOS as well.. if Voice search is hardwired to bing, what's the negative in that? 14. can't sync with outlook?? i didn't even finish the list, but there seems to be a lot of inaccurate information with no research whatsoever. you can't sideload apps in any phone unless its jailbroken/rooted etc.. fun read but baseless with no factual support!!

235. GJanee

Posts: 214; Member since: Jun 29, 2011

thaaaat's right phonearena! feed the damn trolls. :) good job!

234. DirtyMike

Posts: 1; Member since: May 21, 2012

I just want to clear up some of the things the author is stating. I know it will get downvoted and most likely hidden, but if you do see this I hope it gives you an idea of what Windows Phone really is. 4. Sort of true, Samsung Focus has sd card slot. Iphone doesnt have one either. 11. I guess 40 seconds is a strict constraint? 15. There are definitely ways to sideload apps. Just look around for it. 27. I'm pretty sure most phones do not do that 29. How do you know that? It hasn't even been announced yet... 30. Tap the top of the screen to see it 32. Really? 33. They are shown on live tiles 39. Closes after a couple of hours automatically. It is for ease of use. 42. You can turn off online contacts. 46. If you click the bold letters/numbers on the top it goes to the area where you can call them. 49. One slide and you are there. 54. Tango and Skype 57. Iphone doesn't have it either 72. Google has said they will file charges against Microsoft if they use any of their copyright material. Shame on you, Google! 74. Developers control this, not Microsoft. 77. For maximum battery life. 82. Yet again for maximum battery life. 87. T-mobile has prepaid lumia 710's, I don't think they would sell them without them working. 104. How would you get the data without an internet connection? There are other things that don't make sense as bad things as well. For being such a fresh OS it has a lot of features that were missing from others until years after they were released

232. techsavvy.jaz

Posts: 163; Member since: Feb 07, 2012

It's pretty simple, who are willing to live with these shortfalls will buy the Windows Phone, who can't buy something else, and who are smart enough will wait for Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo.

229. minhaj18

Posts: 1; Member since: May 20, 2012

All of them are true.. Even the bonus shortcomings.

222. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

Folks you Know what is true in responce to this article and this going to shock you dispite all the Windows 7.5 mango OS faults Windows smart phones will still sell well enough to make a profit for those who make them and they work well enough for People to keep buying them. I do hope that someone at Microsoft's main office takes not of this list and makes sure Windows 8 smartphones donot come to the market place weak like the Windows 7 series smartphones did with no cut and paste and no multitasking or front facing camera and using Mid technology CPU and no high def screen and ect. Microsoft has a chance now with windows 8 to really give the market place something People will want to buy..folks please realize that a smart phone does not have to do everything to sell well it just has to do certain basic things well and be priced right

221. fongy

Posts: 41; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

The ironic thing here is that you can have virtually the same experience on Android using Launcher 7, with all the raw power and flexibility of Android in the background... I'm currently using Launcher 7 (I've actually downgraded my phone from a GS2 to an Xperia Play, until the new Nexus is out), it's clean and easy to use, and works really well on lower-specced phones, but I know that the compromises are just too great to actually take the leap... as well as the overpriced apps / games and shortage of them.. When a solo developer can actually produce something better than the entirety of Microsoft... you have to wonder where all that money goes...

223. DechyX

Posts: 156; Member since: May 16, 2011

I've used Launcher 7 and Windows 7(7.5)... they look similar, but they're nowhere near the same. Creating a launcher and creating an OS are to incredibly different things, otherwise GOLauncher and ADW could just make their own OS... right?

230. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

you are very wrong. And it is clear that you have never used any windows phone.

217. Mittal

Posts: 494; Member since: Dec 14, 2011

How many of these downsides are present in the last/latest iPhone ?

228. Mittal

Posts: 494; Member since: Dec 14, 2011

no m serious! i want to know :O

216. xenover

Posts: 174; Member since: May 27, 2011

81. Phone cannot be charged when off. derp :V

220. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011 it a problem? is it a REAL DEALBREAKER?? Where is the problem? Turning on the phone and start charging... I didn't know it was so hard and inconvenient.

240. homeedition88

Posts: 10; Member since: Jun 16, 2012

Vice Versa

211. ffaarrooqq

Posts: 65; Member since: May 26, 2011

Thank god I am not using Windows Phone. In todays market limitations doesn't work.

210. xtplnet

Posts: 61; Member since: Mar 03, 2012

Please , Phone Arena foreword this 101 reasons to that stupid Stephen Elop and to Steve Ballmer so that they can include half of there features in windows Phone 8.

209. Forsaken77

Posts: 553; Member since: Jun 09, 2011

Hopefully Microsoft will take notice to alot of these short-comings. They're obviously not ALL true, but even if half, 50, are true than it's still an awful lot of of missing features. My biggest thing is that no phone can be upgraded to Windows 8. That's BS!!! So you're just stuck with what you got, it'll never improve or get better. It's basically like MS is starting over again.

208. Waver

Posts: 1; Member since: May 17, 2012

SamKB was also a Bada user and a member of forum. His comments were always unbiased and may be a little rough at times on Samsung for their treatment of Bada, but then which bada user is happy with Samsung. I too am a bada user and interacted with SamKB on the above mentioned forum. Calling his posts biased, is at best a lack of appreciation of reality. And I am not saying this because is a fellow of the same forum as I. I am saying this because this chap has been truly unbiased. Mistaken in a few points, could be. But biased, hell no.

207. VncentAaron116

Posts: 5; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

FM Radio DOES work on speaker You have to long press on the station frequency to access the option Not the most obvious way to do it, but PLEASE get your facts right

206. azafirster

Posts: 44; Member since: May 01, 2012

Love this article, eventhough I am a Lumia 710 user, I agree with them all. Was so hoping they would do over the air fix-it. Nothing till now. About ready to trade in for something else.

231. andyboi_ph

Posts: 101; Member since: Mar 26, 2012

OMG... to think that I am almost ready to sign up for a two year contract with nokia 710 as a free handset. This is not a good sign. I will withold my application though. :-(

204. andyboi_ph

Posts: 101; Member since: Mar 26, 2012

A few days ago we read all about this ANTI IOS article 'Letter to Microsoft professes an Apple fanboy’s love for the Lumia 900"... Now someone came up with this '101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5" .............. Clearly, a marketing ploy.. IOS vs WP, WP vs IOS. Anyways, people are smart enough to discern which one is true.

203. andyboi_ph

Posts: 101; Member since: Mar 26, 2012

"Wi-fi disconnects when screen sleeps." This is a terrible news, even a simple feature phone can do this task. kinda disappointed. Nokia should defend themselves to this kind of writeups whether true or not.

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