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Are you ready?  The revolution has begun, and the floodgates are open.  The G1 has been unofficially filtering into consumer's hands- and even retail locations- for the past week, but today it is officially available, assuming you live in one of the 95 cities with 3G coverage.  Much more importantly however, Google has released the source code for the OS.  The code is available at the newly announced Android Open Source Project's website, and includes everything you need to build your own smartphone software.  There may not be the fanboyism...er, fanfare associated with the iPhone's launch(es,) but we don't think it'll be long before Android's presence is felt across the mobile world, including current devices never intended to run the platform.  Get developing!

source: T-Mobile and Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

what a rip

2. unregistered

i work at a tmobile dealer and we got in 8 G1 phones.....guess how many we've sold...0!!!....thas crazy

3. unregistered

I can see why, the phone is HORIFIC looking. Same old same old. Android is the realy news here, NOT the G1...

4. unregistered

could it be people have IPhone?

5. unregistered

We got 24 here at a corp store in Houston, we've sold 3 so far, all upgrades from Sidekicks.

6. unregistered

No surprise there. If there's no marketing then people won't know about it unless they are techy and kept an eye on the G1's progress. The phone doesn't look great but the software is amazing. After using the iPhone, Android is so much better.

7. unregistered

I ordered one during the preorder, just got it last night. So far I am very impressed. I'm coming from an N95 and and E71, so I think that says a lot as both of those are very impressive devices.

9. primewax unregistered

Android isn"t really being done justice by the G1 in my opinion. It's like HTC made a phone light on normal features hoping Android would save it.

12. unregistered

Well bring those 8 phones to me and I can get rid of them in 1-2-3 you just don't know how to sell them DEALER BOY!!!

13. unregistered

I can agree the IPhone can't scan any barcode and tell you where you can get it for the cheapeset price and the IPhone cant call the closest taxi cab for you when you are wasted and the Iphone cant display the actual street view as if you were really there doing a 360 not a Iphone hater because I have one but this G1 phone has some sick apps and features so if you ask me which one I will keep or if you have something rude to say about my opinion you are a true a idiot

14. unregistered


18. unregistered

They sent out tons of promo material, posters, a banner, cardboard cutouts for the store and the sidewalk, lots of in-store displays. Out of the 24 we got, we sold 6 via upgrades and 2 for new lines from Verizon customers and 1 for a new line from a Sprint customer. It's the lack of TV and web ads, probably. The customer who came over from Sprint was a little worried about the young 3G network here in Houston.

8. unregistered

i got mine today buts its going back. 3g is spotty and on the map it says im fully covered. im in the nyc ill be switching to sprint or at&t for a touch pro.

10. unregistered

id say theres a good chance youll be able to run android on that soon enough anyway. sprints 3g coverage, and coverage in general, has been great for me in nyc

11. unregistered

Doesn't surprise me...

15. unregistered

Android on the Pro or HD would work just fine for me...otherwise will have to see what Android phones Sprint drops in Q1 or 2 of next year unless some sucesfully loads in on the Instinct

29. unregistered

Sprint seems to like Microsoft and Live Search a little too much. Google may not sign with them,but my info is a little out of date.

30. unregistered

Live Search is the only feature I would like to carry over to an Android device but I doubt that will happen. Sprint will be launching an Android phone at some point. The question is when and what. BGR reported that they will release it before Christmas but I don't see that happening but would love for Sprint to prove me wrong.

16. Mr.Right unregistered

The G1 is Amazing, Most of these people talking Smack about it havent even seen, Held, or given it a decent amount of time. Thats alright, just go along with the Rest of the Flock Lemmings, Just as I expected from such a Tumbling Civilization.

17. unregistered

the g1 is amazing but sadly its gottA go back tmobile sucks they really do. im in ny and the maps says i have 3g but i dont. i will be canceling and moving along to sprint and getting a touch pro. or ill wait and get sprint andriod decvice which is rumored to have wimax 4g and be made by moto. i dont know yet but what thing i do know is that tmobile sucks.

19. unregistered

same here good os but horrible network. tmobile sucks i switched from at&t and there horrible network which is overloaded to tmobile which just sucks. im so glad i opened up a sprint account last week and got the diamond. i was scared to even com e to sprint but they rock rev a is amazing. i will be returning my diamond for the pro. verizon is to expensive and they lock down phones so they were not even considered. so far with my 1 week diamond its been exellent sprint is good. tmobile g1 and os is excellent but once again a great phone on a horrid network.

20. unregistered

Working in a corp store I fiddled with one most of the day, it's a nice phone, but by looks the plastic does make it look a bit cheap and the"chin" at the bottom can interfere with typing with your right hand. There's work to be done in the software.

26. unregistered

HTC devices tend to feel cheap,but are rather high quality and have long live,as long as they aren't dropped.

27. unregistered

Have fun with your CDMA. Locked,underpowered,and only as much use and modification as the provider allows. GSM is way more fun. If you switch,get at&t or U.S. Cellular/Dobson(depending on where you live).

28. unregistered

Where do you live? at&t's network is great in most areas,unless you live in Cali or close to there. I live in Ohio and travel to surrounding states,and my service with at&t is near perfect. The 3G coverage kinda sucks out here,but I can wait.

31. unregistered

keep in mind verizon and att prices are the same... you have roll over with att but if you drop down your plan you extend you contract and with big red it only extends when you buy equipment with a discount... sprints service gets spotty across the country but tmobile does the same.... tmobile and sprint are both cheaper but there are less people you can call for free(ie customer base) but then again its really what fits you needs.. i sell verizon phones and i have that discussion all the time with customers.... if you dont travel much and it fits your budget and needs then great..

21. sojizy

Posts: 26; Member since: Aug 30, 2008

An unlocked USA 3G touch pro running the android OS would be ace. I'm hoping HTC is looking into this. G1 isn't bad tho. Ive had it for 3 days now and i'm very impressed. Its frozen 3 times so far and i just had to wait a few seconds to let it catch up. Only had 1 connection problem with maps earlier today. Other than that the phone itself with the android OS system has wowed people ive shown it to.

25. unregistered

That would be pretty cool.

22. SprintDomination unregistered

3G just plain 'ol sucks hind tit. EVDO Rev A is the fastest thing out there with reliable speeds and coverage. 3G has and will always sucks ass. They are already making excuses like 'Wait for G4'..yeah..you keep waiting baby while I download like a madman from Sprints EVDO Rev A When will people learn. It's about the bandwidth stupid....

23. unregistered

G1 is ugly. although i have LG Dare. i would choose iPhone.

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