Has Apple done enough to compensate for its #BatteryGate mistakes?


Apple closes 2017 with a scandal: after failing to disclose that it artificially slows down iPhones with aging batteries, it has left users with older iPhones wondering about the slower performance of their device and pondering whether they should buy a new iPhone.

Reddit users started an investigation that uncovered an unexpected link between older batteries and slower iPhone performance, suggesting that rather than buying a new phone, users could simply swap an old battery with a new one and get back to having a fast-performing device.

Only after the investigation, later confirmed by popular iOS benchmark Geekbench, Apple admitted it slows down iPhones with aging batteries to prevent them from unexpected shutdowns and today, it officially apologized, but it took the company nearly a year since it introduced the update that slows down iPhones to admit it.

Apple has responded by doing the following:

So what do you think: has Apple done enough to compensate for #BatteryGate? Or should it have done more?

How do you think it should have handled this issue?

Has Apple done enough to compensate for #BatteryGate?

Yes! It has explained everything and offers cheaper battery replacement.
No! It could have done better (free battery replacement or something else).

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