Hands-on with the LG eXpo GW820

Hands-on with the LG eXpo GW820
It’s not every day that you see a handset that is able to project an image or video onto a surface. There’s plenty of value in this kind of concept for any business oriented customer, but the LG eXpo GW820 throws an ample amount of neat features to keep you enthralled – especially its pico projector add-on accessory. Not only does it pack a 1GHz snapdragon processor that makes the Windows Mobile experience a bit more tolerable, it definitely comes further than the last WM handset we’ve seen offered by LG for AT&T’s lineup.

So far it seems like HTC’s devices have dominated the landscape of Windows Mobile, but LG managed to craft a decent looking smartphone in the eXpo – it’s definitely slimmer than all the HTC Touch Pro2 variants out there. Without the pico-projector attachment, its size is manageable without being too bulky. We can’t say the same once you place the accessory onto its rear – making it extremely hefty looking and causing a noticeable dent in the pockets.

In the short time we were able to check out the pico projector, we were initially impressed with its overall usability. It may not cater to everyone, but business users and media buffs may really see the benefit of this accessory. We’ll see if the 1GHz snapdragon processor and LG’s own integration of the S-Class interface can make an impact to the Windows Mobile front. Expect our in-depth review soon!

LG eXpo Specifications



2. AZNphoneGeek

Posts: 200; Member since: May 15, 2009

dude seriously? just go down to radio shack or some other electronics store and buy a pigtail adapter. they're like 2-6 inches long and lets you plug in a 3.5mm standard headset jack and the pigtail terminates in a 2.5mm one that you plug into your phone.

1. wifidude

Posts: 25; Member since: Apr 17, 2009

Great preview. I am really curious about the "3.5 mm adaptor" that AT&T says comes with the phone. Does the phone have a 3.5 mm jack or an adapter ? Is the adapter chunky - as bad as the one from the Touch Pro 2? I have a Tilt2 and the lack of 3.5 mm has me thinking on returning it.... the sound that comes through the non-pratically sized adapter is horrible. Could you test the sound of the phone though 3.5 mm headphones? Thanks! I've been wanting to test the phone but it is available only online - no store has it in stock and they have no clue on when it will be; some don't even know that phone exists. I am a huge music fan and I need my phone to replace my MP3 player - I just want to carry one device when I have to go to meeting and things like that.

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