Hands-on with Motorola Q9m for Verizon

Hands-on with Motorola Q9m for Verizon
The Motorola Q9m is the latest addition to Verizon’s SmartPhone lineup and incorporates the latest Microsoft Mobile 6 operating system. The Q9m is an update to the original Motorola Q that came out last year and it features an improved QWERTY keypad, two home screens (standard and multimedia), 1.3MP camera, side scroll wheel, Bluetooth, and support for up MiniSD cards. The Q9m is capable of all the standard tasks that one would expect a SmartPhone to do, such as full HTML web browsing and E-Mail services. But the “m” extends the SmartPhone into the Multimedia realm, where using the new home screen, one can easily access MP3 Music, Videos, Photos, and the Camera. In fact, the Q9m is the only SmartPhone that is capable of downloading songs from the VCast Music service. It is clear that it was designed for the “college and young-professional” audience, which is looking to add more “fun” to the standard boarding SmartPhone design.

Please check back for our upcoming review of the Motorola Q9m.



1. unregistered

Its Awesome! So much better than the original. the Keys are almost the best part.

2. Darren unregistered

It comes with a 128 MB memory card (with specific Fergi contend) that you can store apps you buy or multimedia on it. it is a mirco with a mini reader. If i could change one part of it it would be the camera. For a top tier phone like this, especally the first mobile windows 6 phone verizon is selling. No 2.0 megapixes and no auto focus.

3. Benson unregistered

That multimedia home screen looks terrible.

4. Rand unregistered

The multimedia screen isn't as bad as it looks, and you can toggle between it and the regular WM6 screen with one button.

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