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Hamburg cops keep Lumia brand alive with purchase of 900 handsets


The Lumia brand of Windows Phone has been dead for some time. It has been nearly 18 months since a new Lumia model was introduced, and the most powerful Windows handset is made by HP, not Microsoft. But now, several law enforcement agencies have turned to Windows 10 Mobile, Lumia, and the Unified Windows Platform in order. to reduce the time spent on paperwork. Less time spent on paperwork equals more time spent on police work.

As if to put an exclamation mark on this new usage of Windows Phone, the Hamburg, Germany Police Department just bought 900 Lumia handsets for the price of 100,000 Euros. That is the equivalent of more than $107,500 USD. The UWP platform helps the cops become more efficient as reports are entered digitally while cops are mobile, and go right into the police database. And there is speculation that HP is working on a lower priced version of the Elite x3 that would be made precisely for this kind of multitasking.

Windows 10 Mobile is perfect for the police since the biggest issue that consumers have with the platform, the app gap, isn't a problem for the cops. After all, Sgt. O' Toole isn't likely to  use his police issued Windows 10 Mobile handset on the installation of messaging or social media apps that are found on iOS and Android, but not on Windows.

source: MSPoweruser
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