Half of all Android handsets out there are now running Android 2.1

Half of all Android handsets out there are now running Android 2.1
With each passing day, the fragmentation problem that seemed to plague Android is slowly dissipating and is now showing that half of all Android handsets are running version 2.1. It was only two weeks ago when the figures showed that Android was nearing the halfway mark, but now it's finally hit the spot – it actually went from 45.1 percent a couple weeks ago to 50 percent now. Inevitably Android 2.1 will continue to grow as we're going to start seeing Q3 come around very shortly with a good amount of handsets scheduled to get the Android 2.1 treatment. We've already heard about HTC's commitment in bringing up the European HTC Hero up to par with Android 2.1 by the end of June – which should boost figures the next time around. However, there are still devices out there running on Android 1.5 and 1.6. We'd imagine that Android 1.6 might be sticking around longer due to the fact that it looks like the Samsung Behold II won't be in the loop of getting their share of an eclair dessert.

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