Hack brings Google Wallet to the Samsung GALAXY Nexus

Hack brings Google Wallet to the Samsung GALAXY Nexus
We hope you agree with us when we say that Google Wallet is pretty awesome. And if you are not quite sure about that, just imagine how cool you would look when you pay using your smartphone the next time you get yourself a cup of joe. The sad part, however, is that the service is still available to a very limited audience and can be used only on the Nexus S 4G for Sprint.

But the Android community knows no sleep. The guys over at the MoDaCo forums have found a way of getting Google Wallet up and running on a Samsung GALAXY Nexus, albeit unofficially. The tricky part is that the process involves quite a lot of tinkering with the smartphone's software, so Android newbies should not try replicating it. Those who have the skills and want to give it a shot, on the other hand, should brace themselves for some ROM flashing and bootloader unlocking.    

The folks at BGR confirm that the hack works without a hitch and have even treated themselves to a boatload of candy thanks to the $10 credit that you get when signing up for Google Wallet. Being a dedicated geek sure pays back sometimes, doesn't it?

Image courtesy of BGR.

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