HTC will have LTE-ready handsets and tablets in 2011, with NFC chips to boot

HTC will have LTE-ready handsets and tablets in 2011, with NFC chips to boot
HTC's CEO Peter Chou gave an interview yesterday, in the five minutes of which he shortly described the 2011 plans for one of the most renowned smartphone manufacturers. First off, HTC handsets that support US carriers' "4G" LTE networks are coming down the pipe, but he mentioned the second half of 2011 as the more likely timeframe for their introduction. The future HTC handsets will also have embedded NFC chips for contactless payments and identifications, similar to the Google Nexus S.

As far as the software, Peter Chou reiterated the company's focus on two mobile operating systems - Android and Windows Phone 7. He said they will keep trying to create the most compelling device out there for both platforms, and will let the customer decide which form factor they want, because HTC will have them all - smartphones with or without physical keyboards, as well as tablets.

Asked about, the company's cloud-based phone management and backup service, he implied they view it as a natural extension of the smartphone experience that will only be getting more attention with time. Looks like in 2011 HTC will keep being the innovative company we all know and love.

source: MobileWorldLive (requires subscription) via WMPoweruser



3. gabe unregistered

LTE duel core phones are coming to the market via Moto , LG and Samy- by Jan. or Feb. (Olympus, Star, Galaxy s2) So waiting to bring a similar product after June is insane! WHO will buy a smart phone without LTE and 2x core between Feb. and July?! and by then they will have to compete with I phone 5.

2. Rstar unregistered

YES I want the HTC Merge already!!

1. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

A little bit of fanboyism is going to come out here. I love this company. Since 1998, HTC(formally known as the Hong-ta corporation now known as High Tech Computers) has been very innovative and instrumental in culminating State-of-the-art handheld devices. Their creation of the Palm Treo 650 and HP Iraq, will be forever written as great leaps forward in touch responsive devices for the wireless industry. They continue to evolve and re-innovate on their products with consumer interests always taking priority in their designs. HTC is not to be taken lightly. They listen and deliver. It is rumored that 2-3 more WiMAX enabled handsets are due in the first to second quarter of 2011. Couple this with LTE handsets in the middle of 2011, I see a huge added consumer usage and interest of their products. Go HTC! John B.

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