HTC to start ‘a new sound and camera experience in 2013’

HTC to start ‘a new sound and camera experience in 2013’
HTC might not be in its best form lately with its fortunes declining rapidly as Samsung and Apple are overtaking the market, but the company is ready for a comeback and putting all hopes in the mysterious HTC M7. We can safely assume it would be a 1080p device with a solid processor and hardware, but it needs a bit more than that to bring HTC back on par with rivals.

And that something might be a ‘new sound and camera experience.’ HTC itself bragged it is kicking off that new experience in 2013, and that just adds more substance to rumors of the HTC M7 using ultrapixels. This new technology basically means the camera on the M7 uses three layers of pixels which it then combines into one ultrapixel producing sharper images with more true to life colors.

Of course, HTC will not be alone in one-upping its camera experience this year and the ultrapixel approach we described seems very similar to the one Nokia uses on its PureView phase 1 with the Nokia 808 where multiple pixels are oversampled into one superpixel.

But HTC is not likely to use a high-megapixel count in the sensor of its next flagship. Why? First, it directly dismisses any connection between big megapixels and image quality with a sneaky remark about 808 PureView:

“Nokia’s 808 PureView premieres with 41 megapixels. Causes one reviewer to note, this “won’t help you at all.

It’s strange HTC is bringing the PureView as we’ve found numerous times in our testing that while Symbian holds it back, the PureView is the best cameraphone out there. Can HTC top it with the M7? It certainly seems to have the ambition.

source: HTC

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