HTC to equip most of its phones with a 3.5mm audio jack

HTC to equip most of its phones with a 3.5mm audio jack
For many cellphone buyers, a measurement as small as 1mm can be a deal breaker. The audio jack on many handsets is where music lovers can plug in earphones or headphones, obtaining privacy while listening to nothing but their favorite music. While the industry standard on these jacks is 3.5mm, many cellphones have a 2.5mm outlet which means buying additional plugs to make your favorite pair of headphones fit.

Some cellphone makers have just started to understand the simple math of the problem-a 3.5mm plug cannot fit into a 2.5mm jack. Many of the new, top of the line smart and feature phones are starting to come with a 3.5mm sized opening. For some manufacturers, this concept is just hitting home. For example, out of the 30 plus devices that HTC has released, only 3 have come with the standard sized jack. (The HTC Touch HD, the Advantage X7510 and the Hero are the trio that were built with the larger jack) But now, HTC has announced that most of its future releases will come with the standard sized audio jack. While the company didn't say that all of its future devices would be so equipped, we would imagine that most of the high end handsets will have that extra mm that means so much for many cellphone buyers.

source: MobileCrunch via UnwiredView

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