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HTC shows off its process for making the super strong One S body

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HTC shows off its process for making the super strong One S body
HTC really wants consumers to know that it is putting a lot of work into its new line of devices. HTC said that it would be focusing more on the quality of its devices and not releasing so many, and this video certainly shows off some pretty cool things that HTC is doing to make the body of its upcoming HTC One S

The process is called Micro Arc Oxidation, which is described in the video as being "almost like lightening striking the phone." Apparently, the way it works is that HTC starts with "aircraft 6000 grade aluminum" then hits it with 10,000 volts of electricity. That causes an oxidation process which forms a ceramic surface on the metal. The end result is a phone body that is 5 times stronger than aerospace aluminum and 3 times stronger than stainless steel. 

HTC claims this means that you don't need a case because the phone itself is so strong. Definitely a pretty nice looking process, and the HTC One S was already looking like a pretty awesome phone. 

source: HTC via Android Police

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