HTC rumored to work on Android devices with Intel chips inside

HTC rumored to work on Android devices with Intel chips inside
Just as there will be Windows 8 tablets with NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments ARM-based chips, so goes the other way around - we will see Android devices, powered by Intel silicon. 

In fact, rumors suggest that Intel employees have been walking the floors at IDF 2012 with HTC-made devices in hand running Android, but powered by an Intel chipset, which will be previewed around CES or MWC time early 2012.

Google's Andy Rubin announced a strategic move the other day to support Intel's x86 architecture in the next versions of Android, and the announcement was scheduled for the same day when Microsoft introduced Windows 8 running on ARMed tablets. 

Now what is HTC doing sniffing around and marrying Intel with Android is a whole different story, but the manufacturer might be hedging its chipset bets the same way it does the OS ones with Windows Phone.

source: BSN via PocketNow


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