HTC on the Galaxy S4, “More of the same”

HTC on the Galaxy S4, “More of the same”
HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Ho, to no one’s surprise was not impressed with the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

While the presentation was going on, HTC was trolling from Twitter unapologetically and introducing a hash tag “#theNextBigFlop.” With a demeanor like that, you might expect to hear some cats hissing at each other in an alleyway somewhere.

Mr. Ho offered up some sharp criticism for the new Samsung flagship and as one might expect, he hyped the premium feel of the HTC One and its design.

The manufacturer thoroughbreds are out and the race is on, which device has caught your attention the most? We do not know pricing for either product, but we can expect that the price tag for each will be similar. Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our impromptu poll too.

sources: Engadget, AllThingsD and HTC (Twitter)
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