HTC indirectly suggests that Samsung's Galaxy S5 has a "bad design"


Back in February, when Samsung announced its new Galaxy S5, an HTC exec retweeted an image that compared the back of Samsung’s flagship smartphone to a band-aid. It seems that HTC isn’t over that comparison yet, as it posted (via its US and UK Twitter accounts) the image embedded above, accompanied by texts that read: “one of these things is not like the other”, and “introducing the cure for bad design.”

While  there’s no mention of Samsung whatsoever, it’s clear that HTC aims to poke fun at the Galaxy S5. As you can see, the image tweeted by HTC shows its One M8 smartphone next to three band-aids that have colors similar to the Galaxy S5 (gold, blue, and black).

We’re not really sure what HTC hopes to accomplish with all this (other than a verbal war between its fans and Samsung’s). Anyway, you can let us know if you agree with what HTC is implying, namely that the Galaxy S5 features a “bad design.” For what it’s worth, Samsung already provided an explanation on why its flagship handset has a dotted pattern on the back.

sources: HTC USA, HTC UK
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