HTC grabs "Device Manufacturer of the Year" award, thanks its user base for it

HTC grabs
HTC won the "Device Manufacturer of the Year" award at the Mobile World Congress Expo, and said it owes the recognition to its thousands of dedicated employees, and its loyal user base. In the words of Peter Chou, HTC's CEO:

For HTC to be recognized by the industry in this way for the growth and success we have experienced in the last year is truly humbling. Thousands of people at HTC work tirelessly to create the intuitive and deeply personal smartphone experiences for which we have become known. This award is a measure of their passion and dedication. This award also belongs to the tens of millions of customers around the world who enjoy our phones and inspire us each day to create new innovative experiences. To those people, to our partners around the world and to the HTC family, you have my sincere thanks and congratulations.

We can't think of a company that deserves this award more. Everyone has a few devices with great designs, but HTC consistently strives for perfection with each and every phone of theirs. Even the lowly HTC Smart is built like a tank, feels solid and looks good, not to mention the high-end offerings with their aluminum unibody shells like the HTC Desire HD, or the T-Mobile G2. Keep up the good work, HTC!

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1. asdf unregistered

they won't be getting that again this year unless they step it up a notch again. lg and motorola never compared before yet soon they'll be ahead of anything htc has.

2. HTC unregistered

HTC has the worst batteries out there. Name even one HTC phone with 1500mah that can last for two days. An android one that is. Samsung does it, Sony Ericsson does it... HTC doesn't do it. The Desire HD has a measily 1230mah battery that last less than a day, like the well-known reviewer Eldar Murtazin from reported. HTC's cameras aren't that good either. Always complained that even though HTC might have a 8mpix camera, it still isn't much better than a 5mpix one from another manufacturer. Furthermore their video quality isn't that great. Never 30fps and the sound quality is cracking as ever. Search vids on youtube that are taken with the HTC Desire for example or the HTC Aria or even the HTC EVO 4G which happens to be one of their "so-called best ones" and the most expensive. The voices in the vid are tinny and the video is far from fluid or sharp.

3. LionStone

Posts: 1048; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

Way to go HTC! You guys rock! I'm glad I waited to get my first Droid by HTC...

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