HTC and Samsung UK branches duke it out on Twitter: 'plastic is not fantastic, my friend'


After HTC tried to bomb the Galaxy S 4 unveiling in New York, dispensing hot chocolate to the reporters waiting in line in the freezing temps, and tweeting "So... how off-Broadway is this production" with a hashtag #theNextBigFlop, it got an answer from Samsung UK just now. 

Samsung cc-ed HTC UK in the tweet "Four is always better than one," but HTC picked on the hint, and shot back with "Plastic is not fantastic, my friend". The tweets have subsequently been pulled, and the one that Samsung actually shot as a response to a fan was made private.

Still, it shows that HTC, or at least its UK branch, is becoming more aggressive in promoting its handsets, instead of going almost silent around a flagship Galaxy unveiling, like last year with the S III. It now has the phone to show for it, of course, as the HTC One is a truly innovative piece of mobile gear, with unique features that aren't easy to replicate.

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