HTC Windows 8 tablet with Qualcomm chipset in the works

HTC Windows 8 tablet with Qualcomm chipset in the works
After the rumor yesterday that Intel peeps have been scouring the floors at IDF 2012 holding HTC Android devices, likely smartphones, powered by Intel chips, now Eldar Murtazin spilled the beans that HTC has also started developing a Windows 8 tablet.

In the casual Twitter conversation he says that this is an ARM-based tablet, not an Intel machine, and the chipset inside will be of Qualcomm make. Qualcomm is a minority shareholder in HTC, which explains why the Taiwanese have this tight and warm relationships with the Snapdragon family.

Windows 8 Kal-El ARM-based tablets are rumored to list battery life in days, not hours, as one NVIDIA rep cryptically noted, but the Intel-based gear, which will be able to run legacy Windows programs, lasts about 4 to 6 hours of intense use in the Samsung reference tablet that was distributed with the Windows 8 Developer Preview last week. This reference slate has been hitting eBay lately with bids way north of $2000 already.

Hopefully by the time this rumored HTC tablet with Windows 8 launches, there will be a number of Metro UI-styled applications in Windows Store, so we don't miss the legacy Windows programs, including Office.

Source: Tabletowo via BGR

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