HTC U12+ price and release date on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T


HTC took to the stage and announced a pretty stellar flagship today - the U12+ - with translucent glass version, all the specs bells and whistles, and added touches like the ability to navigate the large 6-incher without even stretching to touch the display, just by tapping or squeezing the sides.

The four surround sound mics, and the dual front and rear cameras with ultrafast focus only add to the positive impressions, and the U12+ already pegged the highest score for a dual-camera phone on DxO Mark, whatever that means. How much for this beaut, and when can you get it?

Well, HTC used the announcement event as the phone's actual release date, and the U12+ will be up for preorder as soon as today in the US and Canada in Translucent Blue and Ceramic Black on and

As for the price, HTC is asking $799 for the 64GB version, and $849 for the 128-gigger, which is a bit higher than the $719 Galaxy S9, or the $749 LG G7, but given the specs and features that the U12+ carries, a certain markup seems warranted, what are your thoughts on HTC's pricing?

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