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HTC ThunderBolt reduced to $59.99 at Wirefly

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HTC ThunderBolt reduced to $59.99 at Wirefly
While the HTC ThunderBolt will always go down in the history books as being the first 4G-LTE enabled handset available from Verizon, the handset's better days are seemingly behind it. With two other 4G enabled devices now playing at Verizon, the Samsung DROID Charge and the LG Revolution, the T-Bolt no longer has the LTE market all to itself.

Wirefly is currently offering the HTC ThunderBolt for $59.99 on contract
The HTC ThunderBolt is priced on contract at $249.99 at Verizon. Just a bit under 2 weeks ago, we reported that Wirefly was offering the device for $100. Apparently, that massive price break wasn't enough to attract buyers, so the third party online handset retailer is taking the knife out once again and has sliced the price of the unit to $59.99 with a signed two-year pact.

With signs that the LTE flavored Motorola DROID Bionic is within days of becoming real, this might not be the end to the price cutting of the ThunderBolt. Ever since CES, the DROID Bionic has been lifted to mythical status and the handset has been eagerly awaited since then. How low can the HTC ThunderBolt go? A source for Android Guys tells them that Verizon will soon offer the ThunderBolt for the low, low,low price of Zero.

source: Wirefly via AndroidGuys

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