HTC Scorpion set to sting with 1.5 GHz processor?

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HTC Scorpion set to sting with 1.5 GHz processor?
A leaked build file over at AndroidSPIN reveals another interesting new Android device with some impressive specs. Yes, it seems like everytime we blink, a current Android device is updated or upgraded, or a new device is being leaked. Android has the momentum and the new device that AndroidSPIN has been tipped to is the HTC Scorpion. The Scorpion's sting is awesome as the talk is of a 1.5GHz processor on board. Considering that Qualcomm recently spoke of a 1.3GHz processor and a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, the Scorpion has either a new, undisclosed third chip, or we're looking at the first dual core Android device. With WiMax as a feature on the device, it looks like the Scorpion could be heading to Sprint. Android and Me figured that this could be a fourth quarter launch and with the speed that Android has taken on, it certianly is a possibility. It's much too early in the game to be seriously contemplating this model, but if every 100 mile journey begins with the first step, we think its safe to say that the Scorpion's journey has begun. To check out the build file, go to the source link.

source: AndroidSPIN via AndroidandMe


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