HTC One prices in the UK start off at £459 ($703) SIM-free, less than the Xperia Z

HTC One prices in the UK start off at £459 ($703) SIM-free
Several of the leading mobile phone retailers in the UK have already posted their preorder prices for the HTC One. The one and only handset ranges from £459 (~$703), through £510 at Clove, to £519 at Expansys.

These prices are, of course, for the handset only, without any carrier subsidies and long contract commitments. For comparison, the other hot Android handset at the moment, the Sony Xperia Z, is £549 at Expansys, so the HTC One will go for less than that.

If history is any indication, this will translate to slightly above 600 EUR in the Old Continent, and the same amount, but in USD here in America. Of course, since all major carriers but Verizon will be carrying the HTC One, we'll likely be able to snag one for the typical $200 with two-year shackles, with the 32 GB version rumored to command a Benjamin heftier price tag.

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