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HTC One X image leaks and it looks like your typical HTC smartphone on the outside

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HTC One X image leaks and it looks like your typical HTC smartphone on the outside
An image said to be that of the HTC One X
Previously just a mental picture in our minds, PocketNow has obtained an image of the quad-core powered HTC One X just a few days before the phone is to be introduced in Barcelona. HTC is actually planning on stealing the thunder away from MWC with its event taking place the day before the expo opens. The image of the HTC One X shows the date and location of the unit's introduction (Sunday, February 26th, Barcelona). Two other HTC models are expected to be introduced along with the phone formerly known as HTC Endeavor. The renamed HTC Ville and HTC Primo (rumored to be the HTC One V and HTC One S respectively) will be sharing the spotlight with the HTC One.

Not that any other device might actually get its fair share of the spotlight away from the HTC One X. With its 4.7 inch 720p high-end display, NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of native memory, this device steals the spotlight away from other models. The 8MP camera on back captures video at 1080p, and the front-facing shooter allows you to snap self-portraits and engage in video chat. We probably should take the time to tell you that Android 4.0 is pre-installed with Sense 4.0 running on top of it. What is interesting is that the image appears to show the capacitive Android buttons on the bottom of the phone, which are not necessary to run Ice Cream Sandwich. Additionally, earlier leaks about the device mention that the HTC One X is supposed to be free of those capacitive buttons.

Now that we have what allegedly is a picture of the HTC One X, all we need is the mundane stuff like availability (where, when) and pricing information (how much) and we will probably be finding these things out this Sunday, the day before MWC 2012 opens.

source: PocketNow

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