HTC One X can double as a hammer: myth busted

HTC One X can double as a hammer: myth busted
The HTC One X looks beautiful, and last week we learned it was tough as nails. A video surfaced showing two HTC engineers using the One X to hammer down nails – yes, literelly - with no visible damage to the screen. Well, we said back then that you shouldn't try this at home, but some people just wouldn't listen.

Over in Taiwan, the One X ended up in the hands of a curious users who had nails at hand and obviously no hammer. Well, you guess how it all ended up – after a couple of hits, the beautiful screen of HTC's flagship was beautifully broken, with a huge crack near the middle. Myth busted, we guess. And one HTC One X wasted along the way, but hey at least there's a video of the whole thing below, so go check it out - you have to hit the source link for that. Skip past the source, and you've got the original One X hammering nails and surviving video.

source: AppleDaily

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