HTC Huashan & Hengshan are expected to be touhscreen only Windows phones?

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HTC Huashan & Hengshan are expected to be touhscreen only Windows phones?

The last time we've heard anything about the HTC Hengshan and Huashan was from a road map leak for HTC China. Back then, it was speculated that the two were going to be Windows Mobile smartphones, but this time around there is more information regarding a reality of either that or Windows Phone 7. Although the HTC Huashan was rumored to be an Android handset based on the information seen in the previous leak, there was a user agent leak today regarding both handsets – it's clear that they will indeed be Windows based as there were signs to it packing Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 6. Plus the leaked user agent profiles point to the notion that both won't be packing any physical QWERTY keyboards while the HTC Hengshan will offer an HVGA display and HTC Huashan a WVGA one. However, it's not known for sure if these will be last generation Windows Mobile handsets or if they'll become Windows Phone 7 – we'd suspect the latter of the two when you consider that these two handsets could potentially make it to the market by the end of the year.

source: Twitter & HTC (Hengshan & Huashan) via WMPoweruser



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